gbics labs

Product testing to ensure compatibility & performance

Clients continue to choose our products because we provide and utilise our in-house innovative testing facility. We have the infrastructure and know-how to physically and thoroughly test EVERY optical transceiver on a live system. Inside the gbics test lab you’ll find real platforms set up as like-for-like scenarios to ensure compatibility and performance.

Ensuring all of our optical transceivers are tested intensively gives clients confidence and peace of mind that their optics will work first time, guaranteed.

 Proof Of Concept

gbics labs refers to “Proof-of-concept” evaluations as any type of test performed at the Lab when the client does not know if the network topology will work in their production environment, so they choose to prove — or disprove — the solution at gbics labs.

With the entire gbics product range and 1000's of switches, routers, NIC's and servers from multiple vendors available for use within our lab or on client site, gbics labs is a great resource to help prove your proposed infrastructure.

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Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales

Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales