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Industry specific optical transceiver solutions

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Media & Broadcasting
Few industries worldwide have seen as much rapid change as broadcasting, where proprietary, niche technologies are being replaced at all stages of the workflow with IP-solutions, COTS hardware, and an increasingly IT-centric approach. The challenges of remaining on air at all times in all circumstances remain, however.

Optical transceivers are a vital component in the transport networks that safely and efficiently move hundreds of millions of people worldwide every day. When the possible consequences of failure are measured in human lives, you need experience and expertise you can trust.

Security & Defence

Military applications for compatible networking solutions represent some of the harshest environments around; environments that can truly test the outer reaches of the performance envelope for optical transceivers. Equipment needs to be robust, reliable, and carefully matched to the potentially extreme conditions.

One of the keys to understanding what works in business is to have complete visibility into what is happening at all points in the many processes involved in any sales transactions. That involves building fast networks that can transmit vast amounts of data reliably in real-time, covering everything from inventory control to predictive behaviour analysis.

Hyperscale & Research
Large distributed sites require robust connections that provide guaranteed connectivity at all levels in the network no matter what the circumstances. This is the same whether they are operating in the service of the giant public companies driving the digital economy forward, or whether they are distributed research centres sharing knowledge and processing power at the frontiers of science.

Public Sector
Public sector institutions are increasingly looking to interconnected solutions to maximise efficiencies across the breadth of their organisations. As the amount of data being processed on firms and individuals increases, so the necessity to make that information accessible instantly and reliably is becoming key, as is the need to keep sensitive data private and secure.

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Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales